Private ED Treatment

Buy erectile dysfunction treatments directly from your pharmacist with no need to visit your GP.

We have a private consulting room where you can discuss the matter discreetly with our pharmacist. You will be asked to fill in a screening questionnaire and we will take your blood pressure readings and your BMI. We will then refer the matter to our private clinic in London who will then decide on the treatment. (Normally they would be able to provide a prescription within 24 hours after which you can collect your prescription.) This is a private medical treatment not covered by the NHS.

Your Pharmacist is now qualified to issue erectile dysfunction tablets to you without the need to see your GP first. You will need to have a brief consultation with the trained pharmacist and if approved you can buy the medication straight away.

Available Treatments:


This service is not an NHS service and you will be required to pay for the medication. Our prices are very competitive, for a quote please contact us.

Why does the NHS not support ED Treatments?

In the UK it is very difficult for a man to obtain a prescription for impotence treatments because the NHS categorises them as “lifestyle” drugs and not suitable for NHS-subsidised prescription. For this reason, an estimated nine out of ten potential sufferers are unable to obtain a prescription on the NHS. Even those who can get treatment on the NHS are limited to just two tablets a month.

This has forced the UK’s impotence sufferers to seek alternative solutions: either costly private doctors or to try an online service. Although there are many reputable online solutions, the scare stories about the supply of fake treatments and the lack of clear guidance by the UK government means many are put off buying online.

Order Online With Us

logoIf you would prefer to order online using our own online doctor service please click here to complete the consultation online and you can either have the items posted to you or collect in the pharmacy.

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